Peter Ellis and Debbie Mendoza

Photo of Peter Ellis and Debbie Mendoza

A native of Northern California, Peter's love of worship arts began at the tender age of 16 when he began volunteering in his high school youth ministry band playing guitar. This eventually led to more significant opportunities to serve the Lord in this capacity until he was hired on as the Worship Arts Pastor at Bernal Church in San Jose 15 years ago, where he continues to serve to this day. He is joined there by his lovely wife and three beautiful daughters who constantly remind him that staying humble and grateful is both God-honoring and necessary in this life. In his words...
"The recurring question in my life: Will I finish strong in my pursuit of following Jesus? The answer won't be known until the end of my life has come, but it's something that continues to take me to my knees in prayer. I will always endeavor to treasure any opportunity I have to serve the Lord in whatever way He calls me."

As siblings, Peter and his sister Debbie have been singing together their whole lives. Debbie is a homeschooling mom of five fabulous, enthusiastic Mendozalings, whom she raises and disciples with her wonderful husband Ted. The Mendoza family seeks to lift the name of Christ high in all things, and music has become an important instrument in the life of their family for that purpose. Recognizing the powerful role music plays in lifting people’s minds, hearts, and spirits to God in worship, Debbie has been privileged to serve in many musical capacities over the years with such an aim. She has sung on multiple worship teams and in an acapella  ladies’ quartet for many years, and is now leading worship at Ridgeview Hope Church in Pleasanton, CA. Her son Logan also serves on the RHC worship team, playing the cajon.