LeRoy Mack McNees and Gloryland

Photo of LeRoy Mack McNees and Gloryland

Craig Wilson plays guitar and mandolin and sings lead and harmony.  He was a member of the born-again bluegrass band for 15 years and has continued to be very active in the bluegrass community.  Craig is a master luthier of very high-quality mandolins.
Jerry Kinkade plays mandolin and is one the best tenor singers west of the Pecos.  Jerry was a member of the Born-Again Bluegrass Band for 8 years.  He has written some fine bluegrass songs and has recorded on several bluegrass projects.
Roger Philips plays banjo and guitar and sings lead.  You can find him at Vincenzo’s pizza parlor on Saturday night where he and his group “The Grateful Dude’s” have been playing steadily for the last 25 years.
Charlie Davis plays bass and is no newcomer to the music scene having been actively playing bass for the last 40 years.  He has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Long Beach State University. He has experience as a producer and arranger with several worship music albums to his credit and is a long-time member of the Grace Baptist Symphony Orchestra.