Plan and Promote Your Event

Are you renting Hartland for your own retreat? We want to help make your event at Hartland a huge success! You will receive a Planning Packet and How To Guide along with your rental contract.

Sara Franz is your key point of contact here at camp, and she’s here to help you succeed! If she’s ever out of the office, Breanna or James would be happy to help with general information until she returns.

  • Planning: We aim to make hosting your Christian Retreat at Hartland as simple as possible.

Key Details:

  • Pre-Event Checklist:
    • Ensure your Contract and Deposit have been returned by their due dates.
    • Submit your Certificate of Insurance (naming Hartland Christian Camp as an additional insured) at least 30 days prior to your event.
    • Complete any Hartland Waiver forms for all guests/staff(speaker/pastor/counselors as well). Return to Hartland 1 week prior to your event along with a roster of names we can use to cross-reference. Any last minute signup forms can be turned in separately as they occur.
    • Submit your Minimum Guarantee Payment to Hartland, 2 weeks prior to your event. You can also just send in your entire final balance at that time if it’s easier.
    • Return your Event Setup details no later than 2 weeks prior to camp (see Event Setup section below) You can use our nifty online form by clicking HERE.
    • Provide a roster with all guest names to the camp prior or on arrival (this is for emergencies)
  • Please reach out if you have any questions, we’re here to help!
  • Event Setup: When your contract was emailed over, a copy of the Setup Form and planning materials was also included. Please complete the file which says Setup Sheet. This is where you include key details for your event and submit your requests for recreation. These requests are needed two weeks ahead of camp so that we can compare all group requests and provide approvals or modified approvals ahead of your stay. If you no longer have these forms, please contact the Hartland Office and we’ll send them back over. We often do this automatically as we get closer to your event.

A great way to promote your event is with social media posts. Here are a few links that your campers may find helpful:

If there are other resources we can provide, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Text: 559-372-2843