Hartland Christian Camp is a non-denominational Christian ministry nestled in the breathtaking Central California Sierras. Since its establishment in 1946, we have been committed to providing an unparalleled ministry experience in the name of Jesus Christ and exist for His Glory.

We take great satisfaction in offering a spiritually enriching and rejuvenating atmosphere where you can reconnect with Jesus. At Hartland, we offer a wide range of biblically-sound programs tailored to meet your unique needs. From our summer and winter youth ministry camps to family camp, Young Adult Camp, Man Camp, Women’s Retreat, Homeschool Family Camp, quilt retreats, and more, we have ministry opportunities for all ages.

Core Values

Hartland is committed to boldly proclaiming the Living Word. The goal being to produce Christians committed to knowing, living, and sharing a compelling faith. We believe Jesus is the Son of God, the Bible is the holy inspired Word of God and salvation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. This will be accomplished through innovative, relevant, high-quality ministry experiences for all ages.
What Is The Gospel? | Statement of Faith | Mission Statement

Hartland Programs

Hartland offers a wide variety of Gospel-focused ministry programs for all ages. As a local body of believers ourselves, we partner with other Christian churches to engage their congregations with God’s Word. Retreats are tailored toward specific age groups (Youth Ministry Retreats, Adult Ministry Retreats, and Family Ministry Retreats).


Ministry Rentals

Hartland’s church and ministry facilities are available year-round with capacity for Christian ministry retreats ranging from 25 to 425 people. Accommodations range from deluxe basic dorm-style cabins, RV and tent camping, or deluxe accommodations, depending on your church needs.
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Upcoming Events

Event Dates
Summer Camps July 5-August 2
Fall Festival August 23-25
Homeschool Family Camp – Fall August 29-September 2
Women’s Retreat September 13-15
Quilt Retreat – Fall October 18-21
Quilt Retreat – Winter December 2-5