Rental Information

Hartland Christian Camp is a conservative, Bible-based camp seeking to partner with like-minded Christian churches and ministries in spreading the Good News, that salvation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. You can view our complete statement of faith HERE. We desire that every camper be introduced to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord while at camp. The goal being to make disciples committed to knowing, living, and sharing a compelling faith.

Please note, Hartland does not offer rentals for family reunions or weddings.

Hartland’s rental facilities are available year-round with a capacity for 25-425 people. Accommodations range from spacious deluxe hotel rooms to dorm-style cabins, RV, and tent camping.



Located at 4500 feet in the beautiful Sequoia National Monument, we get snow in the winter months, generally from January through March. Well-maintained county roads provide good accessibility regardless of weather. Summer months offer an opportunity to swim in our heated pool, as well as boating and fishing in our mountain pond.

As an incentive to encourage usage during the winter off-season, we offer a substantial discount on rates from mid-November through mid-January. Contact us today to get a quote!

We invite you to visit Hartland for a first-hand tour and evaluation. We would enjoy having you as our guest for a complete tour of the grounds and facilities. If we have a camp in session and space, you are welcome to join us for a meal in our dining hall. Please call the camp office a few weeks in advance to schedule a visit.

If your church does not conduct your own retreats or summer camps, you can register for one of the many Hartland programs offered year-round.

Call, text, or email to find out how Hartland Christian Camp can serve you. All the ingredients are already in place to help you point people to Christ in a very focused and unique way. We think you’ll find Hartland an environment highly conducive to spiritual growth.

Phone: (559) 337-2349
Text: (559) 372-2843

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