Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many of the most frequently asked questions are listed below for your convenience. If you have questions or want to speak with us personally, please call, text, or email us.
Phone: 559-337-2349
Text: 559-372-2843

Q: How do I contact the first aid station at camp?
A: If your child is at camp and the EMT/nurse has asked you to call back after hours, you can call 559-337-2349 and dial extension 107 at the prompt. Please note, the first aid station is not normally staffed and is only in use on-call, there may not be an answer when you call. During normal business hours (8:30am-12pm/1pm-4:30pm) you can dial the office directly at 559-337-2349 ext 102 or 109.

Q: How do I get information about renting Hartland’s facilities for our own church ministry retreat?
A: Fill out an information request, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: What is the elevation of Hartland?
A: The Hartland pond is right around 4,500ft altitude. We do get snow in the winter (usually Jan-March), and temperatures tend to be about 20 degrees cooler than the valley in the summer.

Q: How do I sign up for a Hartland-Sponsored program, like Summer Camp?
A: Select the program you want to attend to register as an individual or family member. Select “group registration” if you are a leader planning to bring a group of seven or more. If your church is registering, you will sign up and work directly with them.

Q: How do I know what the weather will be like or if snow chains are needed?
A: You can view the current weather conditions or check out our webcams. The roads are plowed and maintained regularly by Tulare County. Please be aware of “Chains Required” signs on your way up the mountain. Generally, our snow season runs from late January through early March. Some years this may vary.

Q: Does Hartland offer wifi for guests?
A: Wifi is not available at Hartland. A big part of the Hartland experience is getting away from day-to-day life’s business and focusing on Jesus. Perhaps a short break from work, social media, and email is just what’s needed.

Q: Will my cell phone work at Hartland?
A: Cell phone service is also very limited in our area. Those with Verizon service find spotty service around camp if they stand in just the right place and hold their head at a certain angle. Pay phones may be available for guests to use but also have intermittent service.

Q: Can I attend a family camp with my boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancé?
A: While family camp is designed for married couples and their children, we welcome engaged or dating couples to come and stay in separate housing. Click HERE to learn more about Hartland’s definition of a married couple, derived from scripture (item #6).

Q: Who do I speak to about special dietary needs?
A: Please see our food guidelines HERE or contact our Food Service Department directly by phone at 559-337-2349 ext. 108 or email

Q: Does Hartland have a policy regarding pets?
A: Yes. Pets are not allowed at camp; this includes emotional support animals.

Q: Where can I see photos of my child when they are at camp?
A: Photos from all our program camps are posted HERE and on our social media sites, such as Facebook.

Q: Does Hartland offer financial assistance to attend camp?
A: Yes! We do offer “Camperships.” Apply HERE. We also offer a 50% discount to active-duty military and first-responder families attending our Memorial Day Family Camp.

Q: What are your regular business hours?
A: Our office is generally open between 8:30am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm, seven days a week, excluding dates around major holidays.

Q: Where can I send donations?
A: Please visit our donation page HERE.

Q: What are Hartland’s policies regarding smoking and drinking?
A: Hartland maintains a smoke-free environment, including e-cigarettes/vaping. No smoking is permitted in guest rooms, cabins, meeting rooms, or public areas (Those needing to smoke may only do so in their vehicles off camp property). In addition, no alcoholic beverages or illegal narcotics are permitted.

Q: What are Hartland’s policies regarding pool usage?
A: Hartland’s pool is generally available for pre-scheduled use by registered guests attending a Hartland-sponsored event from June through the end of summer (August). Please check with the office for exact dates and availability. For Rental Camps, lifeguards are not provided by Hartland – please check with the Hartland office to make arrangements to provide your own certified lifeguard(s) if your group is interested in using the pool. We will need your lifeguard’s current certificate 2 weeks prior to your scheduled camp date. Please note, we cannot guarantee pool-availability for rental groups. Hartland provides a lifeguard whenever the pool is used at our Sponsored Youth Events. Lifeguards are not provided for Spnosored family camps – parents must be present and watch their own children at all times. Please note: California requires one lifeguard for every 25 guests in the pool. Regardless of age or group type, for guests using the swimming pool, a responsible adult must be present while children are swimming. Modest one-piece bathing suits are required, or a T-shirt covering a two-piece.

Q: Can I rent a room at Hartland for myself or my family?
A: Hartland operates as a ministry and rents rooms specifically for Hartland-Sponsored events or church groups that are holding a ministry event on our campus. Anyone is welcome to sign up for one of our many sponsored ministry events, when applicable; click HERE for a complete list of events. Christian Church groups of 25 or more who are in alignment with Hartland’s statement of faith are welcome to rent Hartland’s facilities for their own Christian Ministry events – click HERE to learn more. Hartland does not operate like a hotel or campground for personal getaways.

Q: What is Hartland’s philosophy of ministry?
A: Hartland Christian Camp is a conservative, Bible-based ministry/camp seeking to partner with like-minded Christian churches and ministries in spreading the Good News, that salvation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. You can view our complete statement of faith HERE. We desire that every camper be introduced to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord while at camp. The goal being to make disciples committed to knowing, living, and sharing a compelling faith. Everything we do, from worship to recreation and everything in between, is designed with this goal in mind.

Q: What are Hartland’s policies regarding sick campers?
A: Hartland asks that campers who are ill, exhibiting symptoms of illness, or still contagious from past illness not come to camp. Youth Pastors and Leaders should not knowingly bring an ill camper to an event. Parents of sick campers will be contacted for pick up in such cases. Soap is provided in all restrooms, and hand sanitizer stations are located before entry to the dining hall.

Q: Does Hartland offer youth camps for campers who are in kindergarten through third grade?
A: We currently only offer youth camps starting for 4th grade through 12th grade for several reasons. One main reason is that, in our experience, younger campers do not do well in overnight settings away from their parents and families, so we encourage them to attend one of our family camps instead. Our family camps can be viewed on our events page HERE.

Q: Can I send mail or a care package to my child while at camp?
A: Yes! Please note that mail in our mountain area takes about five days longer than in the valley, so you’ll need to mail items a full week before you want them to arrive. You can also purchase a care package and leave a message using our Care Package form.

Mail all items as follows:

Hartland Christian Camp
c/o Camper Name/Church Name
Date of Camp attending
57611 Eshom Valley Drive
Badger, CA 93603

Q: I am on a waitlist for camp; what does this mean, and how does this process work?
A: You or your child may be placed on a waitlist due to high demand for spots at camp or specific housing types (adult or family retreats). If coming with a church group – please check with them for your status, as they handle all registrations. If you are coming as an individual or family to a Hartland-sponsored event, your waitlist notification will provide more details. For Sponsored Youth events, a waitlist status means your child is not officially registered to attend camp due to capacity already being met. For other Sponsored Camps, your waitlist email will notify you if you are registered under different housing (waiting for your preferred housing to open up) or if you are not registered to attend and waiting for a spot to open up. Wait lists are worked in the order the original requests are received, and you will be notified should a spot open up. Please note that completing an online “registration”/interest form does not mean your child or family is registered to attend an event.

Q: Does Hartland have other requirements when attending youth-sponsored camps such as Summer or Winter Camp?
A: Yes. Groups agree to comply with California legislation/guidelines for youth-serving organizations (AB-506, etc.).

Q: Can I charge my electric vehicle while at camp?
A: No, please be sure to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle before heading to camp; Hartland is unable to offer vehicle charging even from standard outlets while here at camp. You will need to secure a vehicle tow from your own provider if your EV runs out of power here at camp. The last EV charging stations are located in Visalia, California. If you are a group leader, please convey this information to your attendees prior to your event as Hartland will be unable to assist your guest due to insurance/liability reasons.

Q: What kind of scholarship opportunities does Hartland have?
A: Hartland has three scholarship opportunities, all of which require a complete application and review. Foster Youth receive a 100% scholarship. Angel Tree Campers receive a full or partial scholarship based on eligibility. Anyone in financial need can apply for a Campership (General Scholarship), which can be applied only towards cabin housing.

Q: What is the Angel Tree Scholarship?
A: The Angel Tree Scholarship is based on a partnership with Prison Fellowship and seeks to help children with an incarcerated parent attend camp with scholarship assistance. Angel Tree children (those registered with Prison Fellowship) are eligible for a 100% scholarship. Non-Angel Tree children who have a currently incarcerated parent are eligible for partial scholarship assistance from Prison Fellowship and additional scholarship support from Hartland, up to the full cost of camp (as funds remain available). If you have any questions as to your child’s status, please contact Angel Tree directly at 1-800-55-ANGEL (2-6435). Request more information or join Angel Tree by visiting the Angel Tree website. We are unable to modify Prison Fellowship’s eligibility status as they fund the program.

Q: Is there an option for our church group to rent the campus for exclusive use?
A: Yes, if no other groups have already booked your desired dates, a group with a minimum of 250 guests can request exclusive use of the campus for a church retreat. This would require a signed contract with a minimum of 250 guests, even if your final # of attendees ends up being less.

Q: What is Hartland’s Policy about meal preparation?
A: Meals are only prepared and served by Hartland staff at scheduled meal times on Hartland’s Main Campus. Use of hotplates or other cooking items by guests is prohibited as they present both a fire and health risk to our guests and community. Guest using Camp Wortman can prepare their own meals in the lodge.

Q: What insurance requirements does Hartland have for groups and churches attending or hosting an event at Hartland or the Camp Wortman Campus?
A: All groups attending a Hartland Sponsored Event OR a Rental Event must provide a certificate of insurance naming Hartland Christian Camp – 57611 Eshom Valley Drive, Badger, CA 93603 as an additional insured for the entirety of your stay. These certificates are due 30 days prior to your event in order to attend. Please check with the office for current policy requirements (coverage limits, etc.). Those groups that do not have insurance must get Event Insurance which will provide this needed certificate.

Q: Are there any restrictions for recreation activities based on age?
A: Yes. For the Ropes Course (Extreme Swing), guests must be 14 years of age or older. The minimum age for the Climbing Wall is 10 years old. Guests using the Zipline must be 10 years old or older. Restrictions or requirements for other activities may be communicated by camp staff while on site.

Q: I need to submit a Liability Waiver form for my child or myself, is there an online version of this?
A: Yes! Click HERE. Need the adult waiver form? Click HERE instead.

Q: I have a question that is not listed here. Where can I go to get answers to other questions?
A: Email, call (559) 337-2349, or text (559) 372-2843. You can also use the search box at the top right of this page.