Hartland Programs

Hartland is a conservative, Bible-based camp offering a wide variety of programs for all ages. We are committed to sharing the gospel and teaching God’s Word at every event. We would love to partner with local churches to maximize your ministry through innovative, fun, and Christ-centered experiences.

Call us to find out how easy it is to attend one or more of these exciting events as an individual or family. We desire to serve you personally and make the registration process as simple as possible. Call 559-337-2349, text 559-372-2843, or email info@hartlandcamp.com.


Junior Feb. 2-4
Jr. High Feb. 9-11
Combo #1 (Jr High/High School) Feb. 16-19
Combo #2 (Jr. High/High School) Feb. 23-25
Junior #1 July 5-7
Jr. High July 7-12
Combo #1 (Jr. High/High School) July 14-19
Combo #2 (Jr. High/High School) July 21-26
Junior #2 July 28-Aug. 2
Memorial Day Family Camp May 24-27
Fall Festival Aug. 23-25
Home School Family Camp Aug. 29-Sept. 2
Man Camp March 8-10
Young Adult Camp March 22-25
Quilt Retreat – Spring April 17-21
Golf Tournament April 29
Women’s Retreat Sept. 13-15
Quilt Retreat – Fall Oct. 18-21