Angel Tree

Hartland is passionate about reaching out to children whose parent or parents are incarcerated. Many of these children have never enjoyed a Christian camp experience or had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. If you or someone in your church is involved in prison ministry or your child qualifies, we would like to partner with you to bring these children to camp. Not an Angel Tree child? Anyone can apply for a general scholarship at our Campership Page. Please note: Angel Tree Scholarships are limited to Hartland Sponsored Youth Events; rental camp events are not eligible.


Hartland is in the business of creating wonderful camp experiences for kids and families. Through a unique partnership with Prison Fellowship, Hartland can offer eligible Angel Tree Campers winter and summer camps free of charge. Campers from 4th through 12th grade will be able to enjoy all the exciting activities Hartland has to offer. They will hear the Gospel, meet new friends, enjoy individual care and encouragement from a loving counselor, and have tons of fun!

How it Works:

You submit the registration form on this page if you have an eligible child. Hartland verifies eligibility with Angel Tree, and Angel Tree reimburses Hartland for part or all of the cost of camp. Please note: incomplete forms will result in no scholarship award; please complete all areas.

Angel Tree Child: Those already participating with Angel Tree/Angel Tree Christmas are eligible for a 100% scholarship for a Hartland Sponsored Youth Camp.

Non-Angel Tree Child: Those who are not part of the Angel Tree Program BUT have a currently incarcerated parent are eligible to apply for a scholarship that covers up to 50% of the cost of camp (maximum scholarship is $200) for a Hartland Sponsored Youth Camp. While scholarship funds remain available, any remaining cost of camp will be covered by a general scholarship from Hartland Christian Camp.

If you have questions about your child’s status, please contact Angel Tree at 1-800-55-ANGEL (2-6435). Request more information or join Angel Tree by visiting the Angel Tree website.

Please note: Past attendance under the Angel Tree Scholarship does not guarantee current eligibility.

(Scholarships are subject to the Angel Tree/Prison Fellowship organization’s approval and are not modifiable by Hartland Christian Camp.)

Hartland provides: Lodging, meals, recreation, program, and a counselor.

You provide: Transportation to and from Hartland and a signed medical release form (click HERE for a complete list of what to bring).

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