Care Package Purchase

Forget to send your kiddo a note, treat, or some spending money for camp? No problem at all, purchase one of the options below to help love on your kiddo while they’re away.

Who will be receiving this care package?
Who is giving this gift?
If an item is out of stock, an equally valued gift item will be substituted in its place. Unused gift balances expire at the end of camp, are non-refundable and go towards our general fund. Be sure to purchase your care package with enough time for your camper to spend their funds.
We will print this message up to accompany your camper’s care package.
Please note, while we can’t offer a full list of candy we have, we often have Sour Straws, Snickers Bars, Kit Kat Bars, and Lays Chips. Stock varies depending on purchases made that week of camp. We’ll work to most closely match your preference.