Tony Ramsek

Tony Ramsek has worked with Ray Comfort and Living Waters for many years, both as a leader in evangelism training and in the corporate IT field. He is privileged to inspire and mentor Christians from the pulpit, on the box, and in personal discipleship.
Tony has the distinct privilege of leading evangelism events for over 23 years at Answers in Genesis, builder of the life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark (the Ark Encounter). Working under founder and CEO Ken Ham, Tony has represented AiG to thousands of people, including various speaking engagements.

Tony’s goal in life is to Exalt Christ, Edify the saints, and Evangelize the lost. Through his ministry What Does the Scripture Say, God uses this humble, yet passionate communicator to mobilize the church with powerful biblical truths and practical tips to excite believers in reaching a lost and dying world. Coming out of a Catholic background, he has a special heart for those trapped in false religions. He specializes in bringing theological depth and clarity to people’s understanding of the gospel.