Outdoor Education Rentals

Hartland Christian Camp is a conservative, Bible-based camp seeking to partner with like-minded Christian schools to provide the perfect location for schools to host outdoor education programs. Hartland’s 400-acre property is located in the beautiful California Sierras and is surrounded by the stunning Sequoia National Forest. It’s the ideal location to teach students in God’s amazing outdoor classroom, where they can experience hands-on learning amidst the splendor of creation.

Hartland’s rental facilities are available year-round and can accommodate 25-400 people.

Located at 4,500 feet, Hartland offers a wide range of natural wonders and diverse ecological systems. Well-maintained county roads provide good accessibility regardless of weather. Activities include a gymnasium, zipline, climbing wall, archery, high- and low-ropes activities, ballfield, hiking trails, disc golf, a year-round creek and seasonal pond for boating and fishing, and much more.

As an incentive, exclusively for Christian schools, we offer a substantial discount on rates, approximately 30% off standard rates.

We invite you to visit Hartland for a first-hand tour and evaluation. We would enjoy having you as our guest for a complete tour of the grounds and facilities. If we have a camp in session and space, you are welcome to join us for a meal in our dining hall. Please call the camp office a few weeks in advance to schedule a visit.