Summer Camps


Christ-centered Summer Youth Camps

Hartland offers an unparalleled Christian camping experience at an affordable price. Campers will enjoy a first-class program, great food, and staff who truly take the time to personally invest in the lives of students.

Every camper and counselor receives a FREE camp tee-shirt, a FREE camp picture, and access to a wide variety of recreation activities at no extra cost.

Summer camps at Hartland include incredible team recreation, competitive sports tournaments, great worship music, and challenging messages. It's all designed to build a strong faith in Christ and deepen their walk with Him.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be a disciple of Christ and to make disciples of others. As a trained operative you will use your mission manual (the Bible) to live out our leader’s objectives on a daily basis. There is nothing stealth or covert about this mission, it is to be highly public and will require unwavering commitment. This message will self-destruct when the Alpha/Omega returns to escort us back to headquarters.

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Junior Summer Camps
Grades 4-6

  • Week #1: June 24-29 SPACE AVAILABLE!

  • Week #2: July 29-August 3 SPACE AVAILABLE!

Jr. High Summer Camp
Grades 7-8

  • July 8-13 SPACE AVAILABLE!

High School Summer Camps
Grades 9-12

  • Week #1: July 15-20 SPACE AVAILABLE!

  • Week #2: July 22-27 SPACE AVAILABLE!


Dates and Speakers

Junior #1: June 24-29 | SPACE AVAILABLE!

  • Speaker: Jim Adams (James and the Professor)

    Photo of Jim Adams (James and the Professor)

    Jim's hilarious sense of humor, incredible talent and solid Bible teaching make him a favorite for all ages. You'll learn and laugh together as a family.

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  • Music: Cal Ainley

    Photo of Cal Ainley

    Cal has been leading children, youth and adults in worship for over 30 years. He has a real passion for knowing his audience and a gift at audience participation. Kids from all over California and Washington have enjoyed his music. Cal has worked in Christian camping, as a Children’s Pastor and an Associate Pastor to Families. He and his wife, Rebecca currently live in Covington, Washington.

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Jr. High: July 8-13 | SPACE AVAILABLE!

  • Speaker: Mike Slayden

    Photo of Mike Slayden

    After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary, Mike Slayden decided to move from the Texas heat…to Fresno. He’s worn a number of hats during his tenure that began in 2004, but currently teaches the Bible two mornings a week to people who aren’t even awake yet. This does, of course, require a lot of coffee, and he loves his fancy schmancy French press – almost as much as he loves his bicycle.

    Mike is passionate about teaching God's Word and is committed to challenging students to open their Bibles and explore God's infallible truth for themselves.

  • Music: Todd Anderson

    Photo of Todd Anderson

    Todd Anderson serves as the worship pastor at New Covenant Community Church in Fresno where he leads worship and works to develop up and coming worship leaders. He is married to his wife of 22 years and has three children Eden (age 20), Emily (age 18), and last but certainly not least, Tilly, (age 11). Todd is a music writer and has written and recorded several full length albums. One of Todd's favorite things to do is going to the beach with his family. A perfect day for him might include a good cup of coffee with a friend and a long mountain bike ride on one of California's many beautiful trails!

High School #1: July 15-20 | SPACE AVAILABLE!

  • Speaker: Dewey Bertolini

    Photo of Dewey Bertolini

    Dewey is sure to instruct, inspire, and fire our imaginations as to the practicalities of God's Word and its application to every day life.

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  • Music: Monty Gilmore

    Photo of Monty Gilmore

    Monty is a truly gifted worship leader whose passion is to direct the hearts of worshipers to glorify God. He serves as the Associate Pastor of Worship Ministries at Kingsburg First Baptist Church.

High School #2: July 22-27 | SPACE AVAILABLE!

  • Speaker: Brian Griffin

    Photo of Brian Griffin

    Brian is passionate about reaching people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and making true disciples of Jesus. Brian has spoken for a wide variety of venues and is best known for his sense of humor combined with a unique ability to challenge people with a take-home truth from God's Word. Brian lives in Kingsburg Ca. with his wife Jill and their three kids. Brian has gained a well-rounded perspective on his Christian faith from his years as a photojournalist with NBC, FOX, and ABC News.

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  • Music: Brandon Pasion

    Photo of Brandon Pasion

    Brandon effectively uses innovative, high quality, high energy, relevant music to create an experience that draws people’s attention to Jesus.

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Junior #2: July 29-August 3 | SPACE AVAILABLE!

  • Speaker: The Mr. J Band

    Photo of The Mr. J Band

    If you haven't seen the Mr. J Band in action then you don't know what you're missing. You'll sing songs, play games, enjoy great skits and learn from God's Word all at the same time.

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Individual Registration


$479 per person

Includes 5 nights lodging, 14 meals, program, recreation, camp picture, and T-shirt.


Need a little help with the finances? Hartland is committed to the idea that no one should miss out on camp due to a lack of funds. Click here to learn more.


Register Online

Group Registration


Hartland offers a discount camp fee for churches that will guarantee a certain number of campers, help with the registration process, and secure counselors for their campers.

Group Rate
Campers with church groups $434
Counselors FREE
(1 Counselor per 7 Campers)  

Includes 5 nights lodging, 14 meals, program, recreation, camp picture, and T-shirt.

How it works

Our part:

We supply masters for the registration form, confirmation notice, medical form, etc. that you will need to register and confirm your campers. You will receive a $45.00 reduction in camp fees for each camper. The individual camp fee for 2018 is $479, so that means you pay only $434 for each camper by registering as a group. Plus, each camper and counselor will receive a free camp tee shirt, a free camp photo, and free access to recreation activities. We will also provide you with a free promotional video and posters to get the word out to your students and parents.

Your Part:
1. You decide how many camper spots you want to reserve and submit your request below.
2. You secure the spots by signing the contract(s) and making a non-refundable deposit of $35 per camper.
3. You send registration, medical forms, etc. to each camper through Hartland's online registration system.
4. You provide campers with a packing list, dress code, and other pre-camp information (provided by Hartland).
5. You supply one counselor for every 7 campers. There is no charge for the counselors to attend camp.
6. 2 weeks prior to camp, you give Hartland one check for the balance of the camp fees due, cabin assignment sheets, completed medical forms, and volunteer counselor applications.


Need a little help with the finances? Hartland is committed to the idea that no one should miss out on camp due to a lack of funds. Click here to learn more.


Register Online