Would you like to learn new skills on the job? Are you considering a career in Christian Camping? Do you wish you could try it out before jumping in? Now you can! Hartland Christian Camp offers volunteer internships in Food Service, Maintenance, and Office Administration during the Spring and Fall seasons. These 3-5 month internships will have you learning skills through a hands-on approach. We are currently looking for 1-3 individuals for our internship program.

There may also be times interns will have the opportunity to serve in other departments, developing skills and experience in a broad range of camping areas. Housing will be provided along with meals whenever guest groups are in, and essential food items will also be available between camps.

Due to housing limitations, internships are limited to single applicants and will likely include shared housing with other interns of the same gender.

Interns will earn a certificate upon completion of the program.


For more information about internships, please contact:
Josh Embry
559-337-2349 ext. 102