Winter Camps


Winter Camps at Hartland feature intense team recreation, great worship music, and challenging messages - all designed to create unforgettable memories with friends, build a strong faith in Christ, and deepen your walk with Him.  Also enjoy delicious, all-you-can-eat meals, friendly staff and a huge variety of fun activities.


Life's a journey, right?  Some are traveling with a destination in mind, while others just go with the flow.  Truth is, there are only two paths to choose from. This Winter we'll look at what God says about the wide road--leading to destruction--and the narrow road--which leads to life. Campers will be challenged to choose the narrow, sometimes harder, yet truly purposeful road, and to fulfill the Great Commission by pointing the way to Christ.

Theme verse:
“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

Matthew 7:13-14 (NIV)

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Junior Winter Camp

Grades 4-6
February 3-5, 2017

Jr. High Winter Camp

Grages 7-8
February 10-12, 2017

High School Winter Camp

Grades 9-12
February 17-20, 2017

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Dates and Speakers

Junior Winter Camp - February 3-5, 2017

  • Speaker: Brian Griffin

    Photo of Brian Griffin

    Brian is the Director of Adult ministries at Kingsburg First Bapatist Church. He has worked with Youth For Christ and Community Youth Ministries. He is passionate about reaching people with the life changing message of Jesus Christ and making true disciples of Jesus. 

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  • Music: Cal Ainley

    Photo of Cal Ainley

    Cal has been leading children, youth and adults in worship for over 30 years. He has a real passion for knowing his audience and a gift at audience participation. Kids from all over California and Washington have enjoyed his music. Cal has worked in Christian camping, as a Children’s Pastor and an Associate Pastor to Families. He and his wife, Rebecca currently live in Covington, Washington.

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Jr. High Winter Camp - February 10-12, 2017

  • Speaker: Chip Henderson

    Photo of Chip Henderson

    Chip uses God's living Word, creative story-telling, lots of tangible illustrations, and a bit of crazy to captivate students and draw them into a faith that they choose for their own.

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  • Music: John Harrell

    Photo of John Harrell

    John is the Worship Director at Laurelglen Bible Church in Bakersfield, CA. He has been leading worship for over 20 years and is passionate about seeing the Church fully worship in spirit and in truth.

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High School Winter Camp - February 17-20, 2017

  • Speaker: Eric Simpson

    Photo of Eric Simpson

    Eric is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University and has spoken in over 6 countries and numerous cities in the United States.   He served in Ministry at Hume Lake Christian Camps for more than 17 years.   Currently Eric is the Pastor of Community Transformation at The Bridge Bible Church in Bakersfield California.
    Eric brings real life examples and humor to his messages. 

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  • Music: Brandon Pasion

    Photo of Brandon Pasion

    Brandon effectively uses innovative, high quality, high energy, relevant music to create an experience that draws people’s attention to Jesus.

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Individual Registration


Junior (2 nights) $196
Jr. High (2 nights) $196
High School (3 nights) $246

Includes lodging, program and recreation.


Need a little help with the finances? Hartland is committed to the idea that no one should miss out on camp due to a lack of funds. Click here to learn more.


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Group Registration


Junior (2 nights) Campers with church groups $168
Jr. High (2 nights) Counselors $168
High School (3 nights)  $208
Counselors (1 Counselor per 7 Campers) FREE

Includes lodging, program and recreation.

How it works

Our part:
We supply masters for the brochure, registration form, confirmation notice, medical form, etc. that you will need to register and confirm your campers. You will receive a reduction in camp fees for each camper.  

Your Part:
  1) You decide how many camper spots you want to reserve and submit your request below.
  2) You secure the spots by signing a contract and making a deposit of $35 per camper
  3) You collect the completed registration cards and money from your campers.
  4) You give the campers the confirmation information, medical forms, etc.
  5) You supply one counselor for each 7 campers.
  *There is no charge for the counselors to attend camp.
  6) You give Hartland the completed forms and one check for the balance of the fees due.


Need a little help with the finances? Hartland is committed to the idea that no one should miss out on camp due to a lack of funds. Click here to learn more.


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